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Working With Birdhouse: How Our Process Works for You

Recent kitchen and dining room project.

I get it. Remodeling and design projects are often stressful. There's a mile-long to-do list to manage and endless design decisions to make. And most people find jumping into a sea of unknowns a bit overwhelming. But working with a designer and well-reviewed contractor can help you get that gorgeous kitchen completed faster, with less stress producing headaches along the way. So we wanted to outline what it’s like working with us, and how partnering with a designer can benefit your pocket book and your good night's sleep.

We like happy client calls - so having processes in place to avoid timeline delays and costly mistakes is what drives our model. Our philosophy is that the design process should be fun, but also useful for you. If we don't understand how to get from point A to dot Z on a project, the process is chaotic and often gets held up. What’s more, without a good plan in place, budgets are often much harder to manage since nobody really knows where to spend next. That kind of experience is more stressful, which totally sucks, and not what we want around here. But with a plan in place, you get your dream space while still staying within budget goals. 

We focus on 4 main areas of every project: Discovery + Creative, Budgeting + Procurement, Project Coordination, and Construction + Installation.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll dive deeper into each section and how they work for you. Let’s start this week with one of the best parts: Discovery + Creative.

Beginning mood board presented during the Discovery process. Project includes full-service interior design for a remote renovation project.


We need to learn as much as possible about all project goals before we do anything else. So first we ask a ton of questions. Is the project commercial or residential? What year was your house built? How do you need this space to function? Do you have a target demographic? Are you going to host awesome dinner parties and invite us over?

It’s important for us to get to know you, and your space, in order for us to truly deliver a design that works. This goes beyond throw pillows. It starts to answer how you want to live, work, and use the spaces we’re designing.

Every project at Birdhouse follows a beginning checklist that includes:

  • an initial interview/survey
  • style consultation
  • tour of project site for a million different floor plan and furniture measurements
  • plenty of reference photos
  • notes on what will benefit the well being of our clients' personal and professional lives

After we've wrapped up the Discovery portion (though, we'll continue to learn more as we go) it's time for what we all came here for: The Creative.


Presentation mood board for a residential full-service interior design project in Omaha, NE.


Example of working drawings during the Creative process for a kitchen design completed by Birdhouse in Albuquerque, NM. Project included floor plan reconfiguration, drawings and elevations, materials list and remote project coordination.

In this phase, plans are prepared for the design of the space along with presentation of materials including all schematic design. We play with samples and showcase all the interesting ways we can make a space feel really original.

What's schematic design, you ask?

  • mood boards
  • color scheme
  • product spec information
  • finish samples and installation schedule
  • floor plans
  • elevations and renderings
  • environmental branding

We focus on how the space functions and feels. Are we helping you create a cozy living room to host family hang out time? Or do you need a shared eating area for your commercial office? Each project needs a customized floor plan to accommodate traffic flow, user needs, and client / brand personality. We look to develop a specific layout of all the built-ins and furniture in materials that best fit the project.

Our process is a collaboration between Birdhouse, the team of people we've put together for the project, and our clients. We encourage plenty of feedback so we can work together to get a more detailed finished project. Often our plans include coordination with graphic designers, contractors, and architects when working as the creative director on larger scale remodeling or commercial projects.

Interested in hiring Birdhouse Design Studio for your next interior design or remodeling project? Let's get an initial consultation set up for you!