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Working with Birdhouse: Project Coordination

This article is three of four in our “Working With Birdhouse” series. Catch up on the first two posts here: Discovery + Creative and Budgeting + Procurement.

Project Coordination is where things get moving and shaking. There are countless to-dos during every phase of a project and believe us when we say that managing them is not for everyone. Good news is, this is where we really shine!

Example of communication with a client in Madison, WI.

Phone calls to shipping companies, coordinating contractors, and projecting schedules are time-consuming, so we we do all of the heavy lifting. The last thing we want is for one of our clients to get stuck on hold with a receiving warehouse in Kansas City for 40 minutes trying to figure out why their dining room table isn't at the project site yet.

Example of a shared project schedule.

We use multiple project management and invoicing programs that help us stay organized and provide the necessary communication to clients, vendors, and all other members of the project team. These online tools are especially useful for working with clients outside the Omaha metro area.

Think of us as your project advocate in this stage. Things happen: weather, missing parts, and vendor snafus (somehow there’s always something). But instead of having to get yet another email from a furniture vendor that Black Friday is pushing back your delivery— - we handle it. We’re skilled in the art of “how are we going to get this to work,” and have multiple partnerships with vendors across the U.S. to make sure your project goes off without a hitch.

Stay tuned to learn about the next step in our process: Construction + Installation.