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Design Consulting Case Study: Kitchen and Powder Room Refresh

Updated kitchen and breakfast area for a Design Consulting project in Omaha, NE.

There is a lot of confusion about what interior designers offer to projects and why you should hire them. What do we actually do?

I see why it's a little tricky for potential clients. Like a lot of creative services, each firm or agency might offer something different. Some designers might only do full-service, large-scale, new construction projects and would never take on something like a color consultation. Others might only focus on small projects, or "e-designs."

At the beginning of every project we discover all the design needs and wants of our clients, consider overall budget requirements, and examine the quality of existing elements in each space. Then we move forward developing a plan and decide the best service option for each potential client's needs.

We offer several different service options: Design + Build, Full-Service Interior Design + Project Management, Digital / Remote Design, and Interior Design Consulting.

Breakfast nook with new overhead light, freshly painted walls, and custom roman shades.

Let's chat about how these options work. First up, Interior Design Consulting.

We recently worked on a kitchen and powder room revamp. Our clients purchased the home from one of their parents. It's a beautiful old home in a fantastic neighborhood in Omaha. They didn't need a complete overhaul of their space since all the cabinets and large elements were still in really good shape (we try to reuse if possible) and they weren't really in the market for a large budget renovation. But they still wanted to freshen things up and make the areas feel more like their immediate family.

Our clients also needed a little help coordinating contractor installation schedules, and ideas on how to maximize their budget in a way that made the most sense with their goals for the space. For example; they really didn't like how low the ceilings were in their kitchen. We suggested getting rid of an outdated lighting system, smoothing out the ceiling and installing less conspicuous recessed can lights, and brightening the wall color to a clean, crisp white to make the space feel more cohesive. And therefore bigger, and taller.

This project involved several design concepts from Birdhouse. But a huge portion of it was focused on random project management and coordination bits. We have the ability to speak the same language as vendors, delivery companies, and contractors. Plus we understand how to put the puzzle together - where the pieces go and what order they should get installed.

A little more info...

Powder room update with new wallpaper, lighting, hardware, and window treatments.

Who is this service for? 

Clients who need interior design “coaching” on misc. concepts throughout a new construction build or remodel when Birdhouse has not been hired as the Design + Build firm.

How does it work? 

  • Discovery process to review client aesthetic, lifestyle, and understand overall goals for project
  • Help with design concepts 
  • Finish + materials selections
  • Communication with contractors / builders when the idea of managing so many design decisions sounds overwhelming  




What does it typically cost? 

  • Minimum of 15 hours block at $150/hr
  • We develop a plan with blocks of hours so you know what role Birdhouse will play and where
  • Clients can add on hours if the scope of work increases
  • Hours are tracked and communicated to client





Before photos: kitchen with outdated lighting system, powder bathroom, and breakfast nook.

Check back as we'll share case studies for our service options over the next few weeks. After photos by Dana Damewood Photography.