Who We Are

Birdhouse is a boutique design studio that builds cohesive, personal spaces where real people can fully live, work, and play.

Birdhouse projects range from residential revamps to creative direction for businesses and developers.

Birdhouse thrives on collaboration and has built a strong network of professionals including contractors, graphic designers, architects, developers, artists, and artisans.

Birdhouse respects the history of existing spaces.

Birdhouse believes in growth, new interpretation, and allowing imperfections to have their moment.

Jessica McKay

Creative Director

Hi! I’m Jessica McKay, founder and owner of this little Birdhouse since 2009. Originally from New Mexico, I tagged along with my mom on trips to Santa Fe and visited beautiful ancient Pueblo ruins with my cousins most summers growing up. Inspired by such rich culture I studied art in college in Las Cruces and to my dismay, found out that I was not a great artist. However, dabbling in a hundred mediums gave me a deep appreciation for fine art and revealed my knack for visual storytelling.

My first home was a 100-year-old gem in a historic neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska. I loved every aspect of creating a new space that was uniquely mine, while respecting the character and history of the property. I discovered my creative jam through that personal project, and realized that blending the story of a person and a place is the thing I do best.

For seven years now, I’ve been helping people to shine in their own way, in their own place. Whether I’m working alone or in tandem with other professionals, my clients love that they get all of me – my skill, experience, passion, artful perspective, and connections – directed toward making their project truly them.

Kate Anania


Hi there, I’m Kate Anania, a designer at Birdhouse Design Studio. I’m an Omaha native and live in midtown with my husband and our two daughters. I’ve always been interested in art and design. With a degree in Studio Art, I practice in painting, sculpture, and graphic design.

At Birdhouse I get to indulge my passion for interiors. It started for me as a kid, rearranging my bedroom often and playing with color, texture and pattern. After graduating college, I worked to build my knowledge of interior design practice by taking technical classes and gaining real world experience on a variety of projects ranging from interior decorating to restaurant design and branding

Now, working at this unique firm I help clients achieve their vision for their home or business. I enjoy finding creative solutions to challenging problems and I always look forward to new projects. It’s a dream to do something I love for a living!

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