Exchange Building

Omaha Startup Collaborative (OSC) is a rapidly growing organization which connects entrepreneurs to their peers, mentors, and investors while also providing flexible office space to more than 60 startup teams. After relocating to the top floor of the century-old former Grain Exchange building in downtown Omaha, OSC engaged Birdhouse to lead a large scale renovation of the building. Coordinating with Justin Kemerling Design on brand integration, Birdhouse transformed the dated eighth floor into a welcoming communal workspace in the rebranded Exchange building.

Omaha Startup Collaborative

Creative Direction

“I adore how Jessica got into our inner workings, digging deep into the business model and customer psychology to understand how the experience and functionality would impact the look, aesthetic, and feel. There is a nuance of putting people in the center that she understands – and nailed!”

- Erica Wassinger, Omaha Startup Collaborative at The Exchange


OSC had a goal to create a better user experience for all of their different types of members. Since the beginning floorplan was somewhat claustrophobic and restricted traffic flow, Birdhouse proposed opening up walls and raising the ceiling to create an easy, welcoming point of entry onto the floor. We designed a shared workspace for drop-in visitors and a comfortable lounge area for small breakout meetings. We also designed a larger kitchen and eating area from two very narrow offices, updated all interior finishes, and collaborated with the graphic designer to install custom environmental branding throughout the floor.





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