The recently expanded 3,000 square foot Hutch retail space features a collection of new and vintage furniture, a mix of urban and mid-century styles, and original work by local artists and makers. Birdhouse worked with Hutch to stage their merchandise into cozy vignettes for the grand opening of their renovated space in Midtown Crossing.

Hutch Furniture Store

"Birdhouse helped execute our new retail concept that mixed new, old, and local furnishings and decor. Jessica was able to flawlessly implement our unique concept through the vignettes that she created in the store. She was a blast to work with, having style and class to boot. Since this project, we have partnered on several commercial and residential installations that have all turned out top notch. Jessica's refined and authentic design sense is a refreshing complement to our community."

Nick Huff, co-owner of Hutch


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