Midtown Condo

After moving from a loft in downtown Omaha to a midtown condo with soaring ceilings and plenty of room, these repeat clients asked us to help them make their new space feel like home. We inventoried their existing furniture, decor, and wonderful collection of local, original art to get organized and make a plan for what else they’d need for the their larger space.

As a young family home, our goal was to create a colorful, welcoming environment via a complementary design scheme. We knew it would be important to connect multiple living spaces within the home's open floor plan. And we didn’t want to bring in anything too precious or have off-limits furniture so that the couple felt comfortable with sharing a bottle of red wine in the living room and a growing toddler playing with art supplies on the dining room table.


Interior Design / Stylist

Birdhouse sourced custom accent chairs, a durable, large area rug, custom mirrors and chandelier, additional dining room furniture, and decor throughout the condo. We had new lighting installed in the kitchen and dining room and also soft, geometric wallpaper and a new rug runner on the stairs leading to the fourth floor. 

“Love the crew at Birdhouse! They've done amazing things to our home! The staff does a great job understanding what we want and delivering an awesome product!”

- Marlina, homeowner

Working with clients who have a passion for supporting local artists is our sweet spot, so it was a treat to work with Andrea Stein on a commissioned painting to add to this family’s collection. We finished by styling each room, curating a large assortment of collected treasures from our client’s travels.  


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