New Mexico Kitchen

After an extensive tour of our client’s existing kitchen in Albuquerque, NM, Birdhouse developed a complete design plan which we coordinated remotely via a dedicated project management platform, weekly updates, friendly check-in phone calls, and progress videos.

We focused on creating a better work flow and opening up the space for the family of four. Removing a large part of the dropped ceiling instantly created a more spacious feel. Next, we rearranged the kitchen to function more appropriately as a shared space in the center of the house.


Interior Design / Stylist

Our clients gravitate toward a more traditional style, but still wanted to feel like their space fit with New Mexico’s colorful aesthetic. We created a customized cabinet plan with classic raised panel fronts and a clean subway style backsplash, then added a decorative tile detail behind the stove for a layer of bold pattern, reminiscent of many Southwestern designs. Their new kitchen now feels bright and welcoming and is a space for the entire family to enjoy.

““Birdhouse brought our ideas together in a cohesive way and helped us understand the process of working with a contractor. It took a lot of stress out of our remodel project. And of course, we recommend them for their amazing sense of style! ”

”- Monica, homeowner


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